Book Plants of Capricornia
Book Plants of Capricornia
Hard cover only – 600 pages A4 size – Printed in Brisbane

More than 600 native species described and photographed: trees, shrubs, mistletoes, vines, grasses, sedges, orchids, other herbaceous species.

Keys to species in each genus

Human usage and ecological note

Landscape Unit descriptions


“Plants of Capricornia”

by Melzer and Plumb

Plants of Capricornia fills a gap in available plant recognition and identification guides for Central Qld. The book introduces the reader to a rich diversity of landscapes, vegetation communities and plant species, in the Capricornia region.

It meets the needs and interests of a wide audience. Students and those unfamiliar with botanical literature will find a ‘user-friendly’ introduction to the language and concepts of plant taxonomy and classification including the meaning of scientific names and how to pronounce them. Plants of Capricornia describes and illustrates more than 600 native species including trees, shrubs, mistletoes, vines and herbaceous plants. The important weed species are also described and photographed. There is additional information on the timber, fibre, medicinal, food and horticultural uses of the plant species, plus their ecological values including use by mammals, birds and insects.

Those for whom plant identification is fundamental to their livelihood – environmental consultants, landscape regenerators, graziers, horticulturalists, students, home gardeners and staff from government agencies – will find Plants of Capricornia an invaluable resource.

Plants of Capricornia was first published by Capricorn Conservation Council in October 2007. The first print run was sold out within two years. Since then there have been many requests for a reprint. The publishers of this reprint with updates are Ian and Cathy Herbert trading as Belgamba. The book has been printed in Brisbane.

The authors are: Rhonda Melzer – Plant Ecologist, botanist, and Manager Ecological Assessment at Qld Parks and Wildlife Service, Rockhampton; and Joel Plumb – retired school principal, local naturalist and photographer.

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