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Current Issues

There are ever increasing threats to our natural environment, wilderness, river and coastal ecosystems. 

Background information on some of the threatened species of the Capricorn Region are outlined here.

Capricorn Conservation Council is actively lobbying for protection of our region's natural heritage and some of our campaigns are listed as follows:

Rosslyn Bay Boat Harbour - Do we need more bitumen carparks?

Capricorn Integrated Resort - Iwasaki Sangyo Expansion Proposal

GBR - World Heritage Committee visit

Gladstone LNG plants and Harbour Dredging

Balaclava Island proposed coal port

Great Keppel Island

Ship aground on GBR

Climate change and Central Queensland coral reefs

Coal Mining

Bimblebox Nature Refuge

Hummock Hill Island

Climate Change


Water quality in the Fitzroy River

Vegetation clearing

Connors Dam
Mount Morgan