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Cap Coast - Photo J. McCabe
Capricorn Coast Naturally Alliance invites you to meet with Deputy Mayor Cr. Graham Scott and key Council planners to talk about the town plan and the ways community organisations can feed into the process. Capricorn Coast Naturally Alliance’s vision for the future development is based on the concept plan Activate the Capricorn Coast Naturally. Thursday 17 July, 6:30 pm Community Development Centre, John St Yeppoon.   RSVP W. Newman:- 0417 392 874 
Fitzroy Delta Fitzroy Delta coal project is not proceeding. Mitchell Group has failed to lodge an EIS for the Fitzroy Terminal Project which proposed a rail corridor across sensitive marine plains, coal stockpiles and conveyer to barges travelling 24/7 from Raglan Creek through Keppel Bay to offshore bulk carrier loaders anchored in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The productive fishery and home to the endemic Snub fin Dolphin and the nearby Flatback Turtle rookery on Peak Island have been saved from ecological damage. The decision has strong community support and reflects the UNESCO World Heritage Committee recommendations limiting Great Barrier Reef port expansion. The Federal and Queensland Governments need declare the Fitzroy Delta and the Sea Hill end of Curtis Island off limits to industrialisation. (see Balaclava Island page for background info.)
Littoral Vine Scrub north of Yeppoon Capricorn Integrated Resort - Iwasaki Sangyo Expansion Proposal A significant area of diverse coastal ecosystems north of Yeppoon is at potential risk from urban expansion planned by Iwasaki Sangyo (Aust) P/L.  The proposal area includes up to 6000 hectares of coastal land surrounding the existing Mercure resort. While the initial strategy plans allow for a Conservation Precinct over natural inland dunes and the broad freshwater wetlands of open sedge and melaleuca forest, the planned Urban Precinct  may result in the virtual destruction of one the largest remaining tracts of the EPBC listed Littoral Rainforest and Coastal Vine Thicket of Eastern Australia. See state govt site and CCC submission on Terms Of Reference. See also  Also - Information from the September 2013 CCC General meeting - 
    1. Sustainable Livingstone document PDF download here  (<1MB)   
    2. CCC presentation - Development Cap Coast Sept 2013 (3.3MB)
Bimblebox Doomed - BimbleboxNature Refuge will be destroyed by clive Palmer's Waratah Coal China First Project. Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt approved the mine on 19 December 2103 with 49 weak conditions.  His solution to the destruction of this 8000 hectares Nature Refuge of intact vegetation is to create a 16,000 hectare “Offset” which is to be “protected” by - guess what – another Nature Refuge.” The ignorance shown by Greg Hunt in expecting a "Nature Refuge" to protect a so-called Offset when it does not protect Bimblebox Nature Refuge is astounding.  Also, an "offset" is a meaningless solution when it still means a net destruction of 8000 ha of natural woodland.  See CCC media release 21 Dec also http://bimblebox.org
Gladstone Harbour mud Gladstone Harbour - What a mess!  Clash of the scientists! The report by Marine Veterinarian Matt Landos (pdf 17MB) clearly shows that increased turbidity caused by the massive dredging program is most likely to have been a major contribuor to the fish health problems in the harbour. However the state government's DEHP Report (pdf 3.3 MB) cannot see anything wrong, and blames it all on the floods. It does not properly address the claims of the Landos report. 
Queensland Plan: QCC has recommended three strategic opportunities to create an ecologically sustainable future under the Queensland Plan, http://queenslandplan.qld.gov.au/
1.    A Clean and Renewable Energy future
2.    Build a Significantly larger Protected Area Estate
3.    Building a Sustainable Community with new minimum standards
See QCC submission
National Parks at Risk from ‘Ecotourism’ Despite overwhelmingly opposition to commercial tourism facilities in National Parks the Queensland Government is pushing ahead with its Queensland Ecotourism Plan. The proposal ignores the cardinal principal for National Parks; “provide permanent preservation of an area’s natural condition and the protection of cultural resources and values”. Queensland should catch up with the rest of Australia and double the area protected in National Parks from a tiny (5%) and not palm off its legal and ethical responsibilities to protect the only places where nature comes first and mining and other destructive activities are prohibited. > see > CCC Ecotourism Submission | CCC Nature Conservation Act Submission  | CCC Media Statement | TMB story | View All Submissions
Snubfin Dolphin Balaclava Island Coal Terminal scrapped. Glencore–Xstrata has shown good sense in withdrawing their proposed coal port in the Fitzroy Delta. The port would have involved 6 million tonnes of dredging of the preferred habitats of the Australian Snubfin Dolphin and essential fish spawning areas. The shipping would threaten the Peak Island Flatback Turtle rookery. The rail and conveyor would disrupt Yellow Chat breeding sites and the intertidal wetlands. Still threatening the Delta and Keppel Bay though are the Mitchell Group’s Fitzroy Terminal coal barge plans and Gladstone Port Corporation’s Sea Hill and Port Alma master plan. Morning Bulletin article See KAFDA media release    
Did you know that there are 49 species of frogs native to Central Queensland, eight of which are either extinct, endangered, vulnerable or near threatened?    Frogs now need our help to survive, more so than ever before.  To find out more about how to identify and protect local native frogs, and frog education and conservation projects in your area, hop onto the Queensland Frog Society website http://www.qldfrogs.asn.au/
Rich Land WasteLand Rich Land WasteLand - A revelation of the real costs of King Coal - by Sharyn Munro
Available fro purchase from CCC
Sharyn Munro exposes the true human cost of the coal and CSG rush in Australia
She has travelled through rural Australia, visiting the communities in the coal-mining areas. Towns and districts are dying — homeowners and farmers forced out by mining, broken in spirit and in health, or else under threat, their lives and properties in limbo as they battle the might of huge mining companies.

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